BPH Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

If you are experiencing frequent, weak, sudden or other urination problems as a result of an enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), our urologists may recommend BPH laser therapy. This advanced laser treatment to reduce size of enlarged prostate due to BPH helps men return to normal urinary function almost immediately.

Our urologic physicians are specially trained, highly skilled and experienced in this leading edge treatment option. BPH laser therapy is a highly effective and minimally invasive procedure that is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. During your procedure, the physician will precisely direct the high powered laser energy to heat up and systematically vaporize the enlarged prostate tissue. Natural urine flow is rapidly restored and urinary symptoms are quickly relieved in most patients.

Benefits of BPH Laser Therapy

Men who have laser therapy on the prostate nearly always experience fewer side effects as well as several benefits over traditional prostate surgery:
  • Most procedures are performed as an outpatient, which means you go home the same day
  • Dramatic improvement in urine flow within 24 hours
  • Definitive, long-lasting treatment
  • Short catheterization - usually only one day or less
  • Faster return to normal activities
  • Less time off work
  • Very low risk of bleeding
  • Very low risk of incontinence
  • Only very slight risk of erectile dysfunction (less than 1%)
Enlarged prostate laser therapy is covered by Medicare and most health insurance plans. Check with your plan to determine your specific coverage.

Your medical history, health condition and other factors can influence if you are a candidate for this treatment and can also influence your procedure risks and potential benefits. Your urologist will explain this treatment option to you and discuss your personal health situation, potential benefits and risks.

To learn more and to watch a patient video, visit the Greenlight™ Laser Therapy website.