In-Office Urologic Procedures for Diagnosis or Treatment

Our urologists can provide the following urologic procedures conveniently in our office:
  • UroNav MR/Ultrasound Fusion Prostate Biopsy
  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • Catheter placement
  • Removal/biopsy of lesions or cysts
  • Prostate ultrasound
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Cystoscopy - a test to examine the interior lining of the bladder and the urethra
  • Urodynamics
  • Inter Stim® Therapy for bladder control or overactive bladder
  • Bladder instillation - a procedure involving filling the bladder with a solution then draining with a catheter after holding for a brief period of several minutes. This procedure is used to treat non-infectious inflammation of the bladder wall and lining.
  • Bladder intravesical chemotherapy – a procedure involving putting the chemotherapy drug directly into the bladder using a catheter
  • Pessary fittings - removable device placed into the vagina designed to support areas of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Urethral dilation – to treat lower urinary tract symptoms in women
  • Vasectomy
  • Intracorporeal penis injections – an erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Testopel implants (testosterone)
  • Injections of drugs into the penis to treat symptoms of Peyronie's disease

Our urologists are also experienced in performing a full range of inpatient urologic surgeries and procedures.