No Scalpel Vasectomy

Minimally Invasive Procedure for Male Fertility Control

Our urologists provide no-scalpel vasectomy which is safe and effective, and done right in our office in usually less than 30 minutes.

How common is vasectomy and what is the success rate?
Approximately, 7% to 10% of American couples choose vasectomy for contraception, and about 500,000 men undergo the procedure annually. In the long term, the procedure is about 99.95% effective.

Vasectomy is a simple, safe surgical procedure for permanent male fertility control. The tube (called a “vas”) which leads from the testicle is cut and sealed in order to stop sperm from escaping. With the no-scalpel vasectomy technique, the urologist does the procedure through one single puncture. The puncture is made in the scrotum and requires no suturing or stitches. This procedure is done with the aid of a local anesthetic.

Because the procedure is a less traumatic way for the surgeon to operate on the vas, the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure has many benefits over conventional vasectomy. These benefits include:
  • Higher success rate
  • Lower long term failure rates
  • Less pain
  • Less swelling
  • Faster return to normal activities

Is vasectomy covered by insurance?
Vasectomy is covered by most major insurance plans.  Please check with your health plan for information about your potential coverage, co-payment or deductible.

Will my sex drive change?
No, your sex drive will stay the same and you would not experience any change in your semen. Sex may even be more enjoyable without the worry of conception.

Our physicians have been performing no scalpel vasectomies for many years and conventional vasectomies much longer. Our practice will provide the pre-procedure office visit, the office visit procedure and all follow-up testing. During the pre-procedure appointment, the urologist will determine if you are a candidate for the no-scalpel method of vasectomy.

If you are interested in a vasectomy or learning more, please call Dr. Patel's office at (614) 544.1460 to make an appointment at our West Broad Street location, or Dr. Lowe's office at  (614) 788.2870 to make an appointment at our Columbus - Bing Cancer Center location.

Is vasectomy reversable?
Men who have previously undergone a vasectomy have the option of reversing its effects. Although intended for permanent sterilization, no scalpel vasectomy can be reversed in most men by an experienced microsurgeon like Dr. Patel, by reconnecting the two ends of the cut tubes. Learn more about vasectomy reversals at OhioHealth Urology Physicians.