Advanced Prostate Biopsy for Cancer Detection

UroNav Fusion Biopsy System®

OhioHealth Urology Physicians is the first in central Ohio to offer the newest, innovative technology for the most precise prostate biopsy: UroNav Fusion Biopsy System®

UroNav Fusion Biopsy System®

This remarkable advanced diagnostic tool allows for the best, most informed treatment decisions by dramatically improving the accuracy of prostate cancer detection. With the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System®, the urologists at OhioHealth Urology Physicians can locate hard-to-find, yet aggressive prostate cancers and minimize the diagnosis of non-aggressive cancers or benign tumors.

UroNav is an integrated, image-guided stereotactic system that uses magnetic resonance and ultrasound images in conjunction with electromagnetic tracking devices to plan, guide and document the prostate biopsy.

Better Prostate Images Mean Better Results

Benefits for Patients

  • Better Treatment Decisions:
    • Minimize the diagnosis of non-aggressive cancers
    • Maximize the likelihood of detecting aggressive cancers
    • More accurate diagnosis helps avoid too much treatment or not enough
    • Help avoid the risk of side effects such as incontinence, impotence and bowel problems that can result from radical interventions
  • Effectively detect tumors in men with prior negative biopsies
  • Men with small, slow-growing prostate tumors and who are on active surveillance could undergo fewer needle biopsies over time
  • Covered by most health insurance plans

Who Should Consider an Advanced Prostate Biopsy?

  • Patients with elevated PSA level
  • Patients with a negative prior prostate biopsy with continued elevation or rising PSA
  • Patients on active surveillance for prostate cancer who require re-biopsy

This new prostate biopsy technology, the next generation of advanced prostate care, is available at OhioHealth Urology Physicians inside the Bing Cancer Center.